Sep 272014

Advent WebinarBishop StephenAndrews will be hosting an Advent Webinar Series on Tuesday afternoons from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. during Advent on the Book of Genesis.  Bishop Stephens writes

“Philosophers and geneticists tell us that in our beginnings we find clues to our end. Genesis is a book of beginnings, and from time immemorial, Jews and Christians have returned to this book to help them in understanding life’s meaning and purpose in the plan of God. This four-session exploration of Genesis will touch on the themes of creation, Sabbath, disobedience and judgement, marriage and family, and the problem of evil. These are fitting themes to reflect on as we prepare ourselves to behold the end of all things in the Advent of Christ.”

The discussion will not assume prior biblical knowledge among the participants, apart from having read the text before the sessions.


2 December: Genesis 1.1-2.3
9 December: Genesis 2.4-4.26
16 December: Genesis 5.1-6.8
23 December: Genesis 6.9-9.29

 Algoma Web Conferences [Webinars] are online seminars available to anyone, anywhere with high speed Internet, speakers and microphone, [and/or webcam, or headset].  Alternatively, participants may opt to attend the webinar at their local Contact North Centre [with prior arrangement].

If you are interested in participating please register by 25 November by e-mailing


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