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What is Canada World Youth?

Canada World Youth (CWY) offers international educational programs to young people aged 15 to 29.Since 1971, 35,000 youth from Canada and around the world have completed a CWY program in 67 partnercountries.

As part of the Youth Leaders in Action program of CWY, 18 young women, nine from across Ukraine and nine from across Canada will leave their homes to spend a total of six months together – three months in Sudbury and three months in the community of Ostroh in Ukraine.

The young people live with host families and do concrete work in the field: a unique opportunity to break free from routine and discover new realities! They return home with useful skills for their future, a better understanding of global issues, and tools to contribute to the well-being of their community.

Why become a host family?

  • Learn more about yourself, your family and their community;
  • Increase your and your family’s involvement in local and global issues;
  • Experience the skills and ideas that youth from across Canada and the world have to offer.
Communities and families are key partners in the program’s success!

Becoming a host family

Host families are a vital part of the community experience! We are currently looking for families interested in providing accommodation to a young Canadian and a Ukrainian youth from September 7th to November 28th.

We invite all types of households—retirees, singles, single parents, same sex couples, newcomers, etc.—to share their daily activities with Canada World Youth’s young volunteers. You won’t have to alter your lifestyle in any way: one goal of the program is to integrate youth volunteers into everyday family life.

Arrangements can be made to accommodate family vacations/emergencies that may arise. For this reason, back-up host families for short stays are also required.

Host family facts

  • Youth volunteers will stay in pairs with families from September 7th to November 28th
  • Host families receive a weekly allowance of $180 to help cover costs.
  • CWY covers all medical, insurance and program related expenses.
  • Two experienced CWY project supervisors will be working full-time to support the program.
  • All youth volunteers have undergone a rigorous application process, and agree to abide by program rules.
  • Youth volunteers are expecting to be treated as family members, not guests, and will be expected to contribute fairly to family chores.
  • One spare room and adequate space for 2 people is all that is required


If you and your family are interested in becoming a host family in Sudbury from September 7 to November 28, please contact Sahar Golshan, Project Supervisor, at (705) 690-1370 and

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