Apr 122013

Good morning Deanery Council members:

 Due to the snow and inclement weather today we have decided to cancel tomorrow’s Deanery Council  meeting in Espanola. I have consulted with the Executive Archdeacon, Harry Huskins and we are able to do the voting for positions electronically. As soon as I have figured out a way of doing that, we will proceed with the voting.
Once again, the positions are as follows:
Regional Dean – The Rev. Tim Perry (nominated by the Rev. Dr. Bob Derrenbacker);
Lay Steward – Don McLeod (Nominated by Anne Germond),
Youth delegates to Synod: Cora Felbel, David Caines, Holly Sarvas (nominated by Cindy Derrenbacker). Emily MacDonald from the Epiphany would also like to let her name stand – I am waiting for a bio from her.
If you have a report for Deanery Council, please submit it electronically to Marion Collinson, secretary.
Please ensure that any members of Deanery Council in your parishes who are not on email, are informed of this cancellation.
Please join me in wishing the Church of the Epiphany every blessing as they celebrate their 100th year of worship this weekend.
Stay warm and safe.
Eastertide blessings,
Anne (Archdeacon)

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